Creating a Thriving Workforce for Women

Tip the Scale: Expert Insights to Create a Thriving Workforce for Women

Written by Jeanniey Mullen, Global Business Leader, Mercer

This past week I attended one of the most eye opening events I have been to in the US. The event was presented by the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) hosted by Wells Fargo and the discussion was facilitated by Mercer. Typically, when you get three powerhouse organizations like this together, the conversation is interesting, informative and compelling. This meeting was different. It took things to a whole new level.

We started with a sneak peek at an upcoming Mercer Thrive study. The data points and insights stopped everyone in their tracks.They looked up from their phones, and started to think. After that, a great fireside chat really helped humanize the data and created a groundswell of discussion about hiring, gender diversity, gender bias, a thriving workforce and more. So much data was shared I couldn’t capture it all in one blog post. I did manage to capture a few of the highlights below.


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