EXPERIAN: “Our Social Media Analysis helps you tap into the power of consumer-generated data”

Deliver better content, messaging and marketing with deep audience intelligence

Nearly 80% of Americans are on social media resulting in billions of engagement-based actions every day. This rich, consumer-generated content provides marketers an organic view into their audience’s lifestyles, interests and brand preferences.Using Experian’s Social Media Analysis, delivered in partnership with social analytics leader SpotRight™, brands can now combine their audience’s social media activity with ConsumerView℠ demographic and lifestyle data for a powerful, comprehensive view of their audience-all in a privacy compliant manner.

From hashtags to follows to retweets, the Social Media Analysis turns the activity generated from over 90 million social media users into meaningful, actionable intelligence. Delivered through a web-based dashboard and customized to your audience, the Social Media Analysis helps advertisers and agencies easily visualize key findings. This social media data can unlock answers to your biggest marketing questions, such as:

  • Who is engaging with my brand?
  • What do they look and act like?
  • How does my audience overlap with my competitors?
  • Which topics or conversations are grabbing their attention?
  • How do advertising campaigns impact my audience?
  • What other brands or influencers should I partner with?

To learn more about our Social Media Analysis solution, download our product sheet here.