The Future of Pipeline Marketing: Trends Marketers Need To Watch For

2016 has been a year of technological innovation and adoption in the B2B marketing world. Over the span of the year the number of MarTech vendors has nearly doubled, over $1 billion in venture capital has been invested in marketing technology, and marketing budgets have grown exponentially (“Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2017 Closing the Gap Between Martech Innovation and Adoption,” 2016). With the growth in solutions, channels, and data, marketers have increasingly become more analytical and strategic when implementing campaigns to drive revenue.

As marketers strive to drive revenue, they focus on crafting campaigns that impact the entire funnel-from the top, to the bottom. Bizible classifies this full-funnel approach as Pipeline marketing, the next evolution of lead generation that focuses on connecting marketing and sales data to enable decision-making and goals based on revenue.

In an effort to understand where marketers are investing and how they are measuring success, Radius has partnered with Bizible, Heinz Marketing, Reachforce, and Uberflip to launch the “State of Pipeline Marketing Report 2016” (SOPM report). The report reveals marketers’ top priorities, strategies, and tactics for the fiscal year. In today’s blog I present the top five marketing trends for 2017, supported by key statistics from the report.

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