SpinGo has Released Activate, an on-site live Event Activation Platform for Driving Impressions and Consumer Opt-Ins

By Russ Artzt, Digital Associates

Every brand is defined by a unique collection of trademarks, product names and other terminology, and it’s vitally important to monitor and defend these terms against misuse while also ensuring that your brand promotion efforts achieve the results you expect.

The Digital Associates Brand Monitor is an easy to use service that automatically provides many important insights for any brand:

  1. What are an organization’s registered trademarks?
  2. Are my key trademarks and other terminology being misused?
  3. Do my brand promotion efforts generate the results I expect?
  4. Are the brand references I can’t control – blog sites, journalists, etc. – generally positive or negative?
  5. Is my brand relevant and rising in popularity?
  6. Are there important trends over time I can use to better promote my brands? 
When you sign up for the Digital Associates Brand Monitor, we automatically generate an inventory of your trademarks, no matter how they were registered. Our worldwide trademark and corporate structure databases enable us to find even trademarks registered through subsidiaries or registered with foreign entities. We periodically repeat this process, regularly alerting you to new or reassigned trademarks. 
From your inventory, you may select individual trademarks and other terms for detailed monitoring. Any phrase or terminology that’s important to you can be monitored – not necessarily just trademarks. For each term you select, we scan across the Internet to provide monthly activity tracking that includes: 

    • Number of new references to the selected term in the preceding 30 days.
    • A sentiment score indicating whether mentions are generally positive or negative.

    • Historical trends showing popularity and sentiment of each term over time.
    • Top/bottom performers and those terms with the greatest change in the current period.
    • A thumbnail image for pages referencing your terms, and a brief summary of the content. 
The information above is condensed into an electronically delivered and easy to read report. Instead of remembering to periodically login and check yet another dashboard, we summarize what you need to know and mail it to you so it’s available on time, and right in your inbox. You can also set various alerts so that certain individuals can be automatically notified if, for example, an especially negative story about one of your products is posted on a blog site. 
In addition to monitoring your own brand performance, you can also monitor your competitors, partners, industry leaders and so forth with the Digital Associates Brand Monitor. This may give you unique competitive insight, as well as providing a way to monitor reaction to new and emerging products and trends. 
The Digital Associates Brand Monitor is a cloud service requiring no hardware or changes to your existing IT infrastructure. It’s inexpensive and priced according to the number of monitored terms, with prices starting at $100/month.