Newest Member of IMA’s International Executive Council

In 1958, Reggie Judah was born an entrepreneur.

While other kids were selling lemonade and taking paper routes to supplement their allowances, by the young age of 12 Reggie was already selling stereo equipment and electronics at swap meets and other venues around his hometown of Los Angeles.

At 20, Judah opened his first consumer electronics store, which quickly grew into two locations that dominated its competition.

In the years ahead, Judah proved successful in other ventures, among them a wholesale clothing distribution firm and a home building business. But Judah never forgot his first business venture and true passion for electronics.

Finally Judah returned his focus to electronics for his newest company, TV Liquidator. Originally a business to sell televisions and a wide variety of related equipment, that focus changed when a saleswoman came by to sell him an LED sign and new, bright idea was born.

TV Liquidator has experienced annual sales growth of 40 percent and is one of the nation’s leaders in direct LED sign distribution. The company sells thousands of LED signs to every state and province in the United states and Canada. As the company’s CEO and president, Judah pins that success on his fanatical belief in providing the best customer service possible.

“We are absolutely dedicated to personal and comprehensive customer service,” Judah said. “We take pride in helping to make business owners more successful in a highly competitive world.”

A lover of sports, classic rock and a dedicated father, Judah’s newest product, the touch-screen computer kiosk, is changing the face and marketing capabilities of companies across the retail landscape. It is the newest, most enterprising way for businesses to promote their products and services, which is what TV Liquidator and Judah are all about.

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