The Collaboration of Future Technology with Organizational Leadership at IMPACT17 Cayman

As marketing professionals, we are right in the center of great technological change. You’ve read the articles; the CMO has become an information technology job. The tools that support marketing are very sophisticated services; CRM programs, marketing automation, social tools, etc. This is the generation of tools that replaced thick printouts and complicated spreadsheets and make marketing data infinitely more useable.

It seems the best way to handle these changes is to embrace them. Revel in them. Make them part of your operational strategy. Take the best of what is available and make it part of your organizational leadership. Use the numerical, graphical and predictive tools to light your path and inspire your employees.

At our IMPACT conferences, we bring together marketing thought leaders and they share the most amazing case studies as their content. The presentations these industry leaders bring often focus to the application of cutting edge technologies within their firms, who have often made this their objective. In our experience, nowhere does future technology collaborate with organizational leadership more than with the exciting speakers that grace the stage of IMA events. We’d love for you to join us and become part of the community. Take a moment to sign up to IMPACT17 Cayman!

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