Introducing The Revenue Ops Vendor Landscape

By John Hurley, Radius

Revenue Ops builds a foundation for go-to-market to unleash the full potential of their key activities. This hyper cross-functional model also cements ops teams as key revenue drivers & stakeholders. In this previous post, I go into detail about the “The Rise of Revenue Ops” and how businesses can leverage the Revenue Ops framework to drive scalable growth.

However, leveraging a definitive framework isn’t enough. As organizations have learned throughout the past decade, the technology surrounding key go-to-market (GTM) teams is instrumental in establishing success (or lack thereof).

Revenue Operations are strategic and marketers need to engage with that mindset. Evaluate marketing technology through a strategic lens, not tactical. That means only using tools that align with the overall business strategy and goals.

Brian Hansford, VP, Client Services and Marketing Technology Practice, Heinz Marketing

The Revenue Ops Vendor Landscape

Given the vast nature of most technology segments, businesses increasingly turn to a landscape that can communicate the breadth of solutions available, and more importantly, help them navigate it. We’ve seen this time and time again with LUMAscapes, analyst marketplaces like SiriusDecisions, and arguably the most commonly referred to ‘supergraphic’ by Chiefmartec.

Ops is no different. Technology plays a huge role in how business is conducted today and operations are the gatekeepers for go-to-market technologies. But given the broad nature of both marketing and sales functions, it’s important for ops to have an intimate understanding of what technologies and service providers are available in the market, how they can help support revenue initiatives, and what these solutions are capable of.

To help in this endeavor and to narrow the list of tools available to them, we created this Revenue Ops Landscape. Given the comprehensiveness of other landscapes (some that were mentioned earlier), only a sampling of the key players are included in this landscape and sorted based on the pillars in the Revenue Ops framework.

Note: Many companies listed in this landscape offer a wide range of solutions and services. However, to help communicate how each technology can help ops teams, we categorized them based on how they best serve the Revenue Ops model.

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