The Ace Networker Will Connect You Now

By Jessi Hempel,

The lobby of One World Observatory, the visiting center for the newly built Freedom Tower, has some of the tightest security in New York. Visitors need admission tickets to pass through metal detectors. There are often police dogs, and random searches. But on an overcast Friday last April, it was a frenetic, discombobulated mess as adolescents trading business cards crowded into long lines to get their credentials for the Kairos Society Global Summit.

No one seemed to know who exactly was in charge. I pushed through the crowd to the press table, where a harried volunteer scrolled through an iPad list. Unable to find my name, she handed me a generic badge that permitted me to slip ID-less through security, past the bedrock of the original twin towers, and into an elevator that catapulted me up into the sky.

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