Esport Wagering Remains Murky Area for Casinos

Foreword by Sam McMullen, CEO, FiveGen

The casino industry is working to integrate gambling with esports, or competitive video gaming.

But it’s already happening inside Las Vegas casinos — and has been since at least 2005.
Some casino operators, the Nevada Gaming Control Board and parents of underage esport event attendees either did not know that gambling was happening, or had only a rough idea.
“Generally speaking, it is not illegal to wager socially, unless somebody is taking a cut,” said A.G. Burnett, chairman of the Control Board. “If anything inappropriate is going on, then we will certainly delve into that very deeply.”

Various Las Vegas casinos have hosted an annual video gaming tournament called the Evolution Championship Series, or Evo, since 2005. Mandalay Bay hosted the three-day tournament dedicated to the fighting genre of video games July 14-16.
The fighting game community has its own unique culture in the video gaming world. That culture comes with something called money matches, which occur informally outside of tournament games.

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