Uncork for Hope

By Adam Miller, Founder

Back in July a group of philanthropic minded individuals, including myself, began the process of founding the Uncork for Hope Foundation. At its core, the Foundation is a partnership with the California community. It is a partnership focused on empowering at-risk youth through community programs and partnerships, and ensuring that all children are given a fighting chance. Through its events and community action, the Foundation will raise greater awareness for the needs of at risk youth and will also encourage and fund new programs for at risk youth. While the eventual goal is to support programs throughout California, the Foundation will initially focus on Napa, Orange County, Sonoma and Paso Robles.

Unlike most traditional foundation type charities, the Uncork for Hope Foundation won’t merely be a pass through that gives money to other organization. The Foundation will find gaps in the support network that exist for at risk youth and their families, and will work with existing charities to fund and fill those gaps. The Foundation will also help fund growth in existing programs. Through our efforts and work we will be able to grow the community that supports at risk youth. However, before any money is given there will be an application process and a vetting process so as to ensure the money will be used properly, and a condition of any grant will be regular follow up and reporting from the charities. I like to say that our goal will be to take the “at risk” out of at risk youth.

The Uncork for Hope Foundation will be throwing its first event, known as Uncork for a Cause, on November 12, 2017 from 1-5 pm, at Pelican Hill. At the event attendees will have a chance to learn even more about how we will plan to revolutionize the way that we take care of at risk youth. There will be extensive food, as well as drinks, and all it will cost you is $100. There will also be a live auction, a silent auction, and an auction of unique bottles of wine where individuals will have the chance to either bring the bottle of wine home, or share it with the crowd.

We hope you join us by buying tickets here.

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