#WomanUp: Rise Above The Noise

By Jeanniey Mullen, Founder, Women’s Leadership Group

Recently I had the opportunity to lead a discussion with some of the most well-respected, intelligent and successful women in marketing at the IMPACT17 conference. The theme of the conference was “Rise Above the Noise,” and it couldn’t have been a more perfect framework for our discussion.

There has been an undeniable string of breaking news (Uber, Google) and discussion regarding workplace gender diversity throughout the Tech industry this year (see this TechCrunch article). But it doesn’t stop there. Conversations about gender diversity in the workplace are happening around the world. The Independent even has a webpage capturing news and conversations about all angles of gender diversity.

There is no denying that conversations about workplace gender equality, pay equalityand the lack of women in the boardroom continue to get louder. Our panel could have jumped on this bandwagon and shared metrics about this issue, but we didn’t. We chose a different route. We decided to #womanup and #RiseAboveTheNoise ourselves to address some key areas that don’t often get discussed.

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