TBI, Cancer, Stroke, Accident Survivors and Those experiencing any Life Changing Event Now Have a Place to Go for Peer Support and Social Networking

Introducing TryMunity, New Social Networking Website for Survivors, Fighters & Supporters of Life’s Unexpected Tragedies

By Bernadette Coleman, Advice Interactive Group

Where would you go for information and peer support if you or a loved one suffered a traumatic, life-changing tragedy or illness? Of course, you would speak with doctors and care givers, but they often can’t explain the circumstances and prognoses in a way that we can understand.

If you would search online for information, you might find scholarly studies about a condition and a few medical sites related to the injury or issue, but how would you discuss your tragedy with someone who has experienced the same affliction and learned ways to live through it?

That’s why TryMunity was created as a social network to provide just that kind of peer support. Tom and Bernadette Coleman, partners at a local search technology firm in Dallas, Advice Local are spearheading the project. When their son, Mike ͞”The Bean͟” Black was injured in a rollover SUV accident on May 21, 2011, the Colemans looked to the internet for everything they could find about traumatic brain injury (TBI) and diffuse axonal injury (DAI), their recovery rates and prognoses.

They formed a page on Facebook where friends and family could follow ͞The Bean’s͟ progress from coma, to his first meal to his first words and first steps. Eventually, others who had experienced similar traumas found the Facebook page and began sharing their own positive stories of recovery, giving hope to Mike and his family. ͞

Throughout Mike’s recovery and rehabilitation, we were struck by the number of other TBI survivors and their family members who joined ͞The Beans Recovery Group͟ on Facebook to share their stories and learn from his. They kept saying to each other that there should be a Facebook-like community for ALL survivors of any life changing event, to share and learn, gain strength and hope, and find resources. That’s why they created TryMunity, where the motto is, ͞You Never fail Until You Stop TRYing!͟.

The site will allow Mike and other survivors to give back by sharing their positive stories of success with others going through similar circumstances.͟ About TryMunity TryMunity is an online social network community created by survivors for survivors of traumatic life experiences. The site (TryMunity.com) connects people with others facing the same circumstances and provides a forum where they can share their experiences, give hope for positive recoveries, provide advice, share treatment experience and give prayers for others’ rehabilitation.

You can watch The Beans video here.

You can watch the commercial here.

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