mCart B2B Experience

By Susan Akbarpour, Mavatar

The first round of the mCart Protocol ICO presale included investments from CollinStar Capital PTY Ltd., Candou Angel Network LLC., Blockchain Venture as well as other professional investors and entrepreneurs specializing in digital assets, cryptocurrency and Blockchain enabled infrastructure.

As you may recall, earlier this quarter Collinstar acquired the Biwang Electronic Commerce Co., which is focused on mining hardware, and announced a $300m Blockchain fund joint venture, with the Beijing based NewStyle Capital.

Mavatar believes that Blockchain can change the way consumers discover and experience brick-and-mortar retailers. The $1.5 million invested in the mCart ICO presale brings us one step closer to completion of our first public ICO.

We have significant demand for the next tranche at 50% participation bonus and plan to make decisions concerning the allocation size for interested parties by Thursday (Dec. 21). Please submit your contribution requests for mCart utility tokens at the email address provided below by Wednesday, Dec 20. The next tranche at 20% discount deadline will be announced soon after this round.

Please send your allocation demand to and don’t hesitate to contact myself or Shayan Zadeh, Mavatar executive chairman with any questions.

You are welcome to schedule a 5 – 10 minutes call before Wednesday for a quick chat with Mavatar Management team for any possible question.

Looking forward to working with you to change the way people shop, sell and advertise!

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