mCart Speeds Up To ICO For Shaping up The Future Of Retail

Closing the gap between online and offline shopping, sales and advertising seems more crucial than ever.

Every month a top retailer closes its doors, shoppers miss the experience of in-store, social shopping and customer service, online and advertisers can’t track their marketing dollars to sales dollars. Most importantly influencers and media are experiencing hardship in monetization of their content. The path to purchase is long and convoluted for all constituencies: the product, shoppers, retailers and influencers. As the digital landscape of retail changes at a faster pace than it ever has before, Mavatar mCart is ahead of the curve. It allows shoppable content in traditional and social media and physical world, from which consumers can buy directly.

Implementing effective, scalable and reliable Blockchain technology to create smart contracts, major retailers and multi-billion dollar brands have it easier than ever to land top influencers and easily pay them to promote products on traditional and social media. Everyone is buzzing about Blockchain and rightfully so. The decentralized network powered by smart contracts and cryptocurrency remove the middlemen, bad actors and billon dollars wasting on inefficient advertising campaigns and phony attribution models such as CPM, PPC, CTR, all at a steady pace.

Mavatar Enables Retailers and Influencers and Empower Consumers

Leveraging Blockchain built on Ethereum, Mavatar is now the answer for total transparency for influencers to create and promote their shoppable content and to be compensated quickly, fairly and easily. Stores and brands are put in a place of trust when paying influencers with this method. Powerful influencers who understand their demographic and the stores and brands that resonate most with their audience deserve their slice of the pie. Until now, these influencers have relied on affiliate sales, the notoriously unreliable system. A transparent payment system merges the gap between retailers who need influencers to bridge digital and in-store sales, and content creators who are ready to be compensated for the value they bring.

Mavatar is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and has secured investments and strategic guidance from former CXOs of large technology and retail companies, such as Facebook, Macy’s, YSL, apple, eBay, Rakuten, as well as prominent alums and faculty of Stanford.

The first round of the mCart Protocol ICO presale raised 2300 ETH in less than two weeks in December, including investments from CollinStar Capital PTY Ltd., Candou Angel Network LLC, Blockchain venture as well as other professional investors and entrepreneurs specializing in digital assets, cryptocurrency and Blockchain-enabled infrastructure.

The second phase of the mCart protocol ICO presale resumes by January 27th . For more information visit

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