Why Your Data Strategy Is Your B2B Growth Strategy

By John Hurley, Radius

It’s a data world. Every company today is using data to improve revenue operations, make better decisions on who to target, and reach their buyers in more meaningful ways. And the volume of data generated and its rate of change is only accelerating. As a result, the ability to capture and discover meaningful customer and prospect data, and put it into play is what separates market leaders, regardless of industry.

We’ve always believed data is imperative for revenue success as the technologies we rely on become driven by artificial intelligence and buyers place more importance on unified experiences. But we’ve worried that the current state of data misguides many companies.

We asked Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to help us and our customers better understand the relationship between data and business growth, and how forward thinking executives use data as a competitive advantage across their organizations.

What they found in this new research was astounding. Companies with advanced data strategies are not just surpassing others, they’re exponentially better at achieving their top goal – more revenue. Yet too few companies are advanced, which is why investing in data and intelligence is their #1 priority for reaching their goals.

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