Never Get Stuck in Traffic Again

By Kenneth L. Brown, Founder, Vehicle Occupancy Detection Corporation

Soon you’ll be able to drive to work at the legal speed limit during rush hour thanks to Vehicle Occupancy Detection Corp. Carpool lanes around the world are being converted to dynamic toll lanes that will charge drivers a toll based on the number of people in the car. Single occupant vehicles will now be able to use the lane by simply paying a toll. Vehicle Occupancy Detection Corp. invented the technology that makes that possible (you’re welcome). Not only does VODC’s technology make your life more convenient, it helps transportation agencies raise hundreds of millions of dollars for infrastructure projects. A test of VODC’s technology for Caltrans reached accuracy rates to 96%. Xerox’s Group President, who spearheaded Xerox’s vehicle occupancy detection efforts, left Xerox and became our CEO. Caltrans has stated a need for 4,000 units in California alone and Supervisor Haggerty (Alameda County) said that a cost of “about $1,000,000 per camera” was “reasonable.” Additionally, we are receiving calls from transportation agencies around the world seeking our technology. Interested investors please contact Kenneth Brown at 415-258-9777 for an investor’s package.

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