Showcase Your Personal Brand to Land Your Dream Marketing Job

By Jane Sandwood

Digital marketing professionals will be among the most sought after creative talent in 2018, according to a report by The Creative Group. However, competition for marketing jobs can be stiff, so how do you ensure your resume for that dream job stands out from the hundreds of other applications when it lands on the recruiter’s desk?

While marketing is all about promotion, it can be very difficult to sell yourself. Introspection can be tough. You’ve got to deliver killer content on a resume that looks good too. Marketing is a creative industry after all. Decisions about how to structure your marketing resume and what fonts and colours to use are vital, but they shouldn’t eclipse the content of your resume, which is where you should highlight your personal brand.

Professional template

Using a resume template may seem counter intuitive when you’re looking to demonstrate your personality as a great fit for the job. But using a resume format designed for marketing roles will enable you to focus on the content, while benefiting from a professional and tested layout with lots of tips to get you thinking about what you really need to include. This means you can really focus on identifying your mission, vision and values and highlighting what makes you different to anyone else who might be applying for that job.


Marketing is all about engaging with the target audience. Once you’ve established your USPs, ensure the content of your resume includes keywords relating your skills and the role you’re applying for. Ensure any examples in your resume that validate your core values and demonstrate how you can add value to the organisation are rich in the key terms associated with the role.

Reinforce your brand

Using a resume template makes it easy to focus on your personal branding. But as recruiters increasingly check out the online presence of potential employees, it’s prudent to ensure your social media profiles and any personal websites are consistent with the stories you are telling through your resume. Don’t forget to share your accomplishments, particularly those included in your resume, on your social media channels to strengthen your personal brand footprint.

Defining and developing your personal brand may take a little time, but using a resume template will enable you to invest most of your energy in this invaluable activity. Focusing on developing and showcasing your personal brand on your CV might get you that dream job and it will definitely energize you to clarify your career goals and to talk with confidence about the value you can offer to your future employer.

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