Rapid Business Growth – Live Workshop Intensive

Rapid Business Growth is the only intensive I offer where you can bring your Key Business Leaders and your entire team.

Because your people are your most important asset, it really pays off to help them level up faster and to do it all at once.

This is a powerful event where you and your team get to live and breathe my Rapid Business Growth framework. And when you go home, you can use the same system to improve your business.

After our 3 days together, you’ll have a deep understanding of why “behavior” is the key to high performance. And you’ll be able to share this with your team in a way they actually get it.

My clients often tell me RBG was a life-changing experience. Many say it was the key to growing their business faster than ever before. And it’s no wonder…

Why should you and your team attend the RBG Intensive?

Because in just 3 days you will:

Strengthen your leadership — discover what works, and what doesn’t

Perform at a higher level — and set the core foundations in place for a culture of trust, respect, and results

Drive rapid growth and success — without the burn out

Optimize your team — so every member becomes an accountable leader that steps up to do the heavy lifting

De ne better outcomes — that can generate lasting and positive change in your business and your life

If you’d like to join me in San Diego and experience Rapid Business Growth, visit impaqentrepreneur.com and register today.

IMA members can receive a special 50% discount. Please use code VIPRBG when you register!

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