Tangram Interiors Hosts Panel on the Evolution of Technology in the Workplace at its Downtown Los Angeles Showroom

Tangram Interiors, a curator of highly creative commercial interior environments and workspaces, yesterday (June 6, 2018) held a special event addressing “The Evolution of Technology in the Workplace.” The event was held at the Tangram office and showroom in downtown Los Angeles.

Panelists sharing their expertise and thought leadership were Joe Lozowski, CEO of Tangram Interiors; Ted Heisler, Vice President of Ware Malcomb; Sean Spear, Associate with Hughes Marino LA; and Victor Cho, CEO of Evite. The discussion covered the balance between space and culture, the harmonious integration of technology into the workplace and the benefits of a collaborative environment.

The following questions were posed to the distinguished panelists:

•             What is your perspective on interior work environments?

•             How important is a good workspace and how do you define that?

•             What is the future of technology integration with furniture into the workspace?

•             How do you think technology has changed the way we work today?

•             Have you measured work efficiency, outputs and productivity in your workplace?

•             What trends do you see happening in the interior markets with design and tech infusion?


Among the key points made by the group were:

•             Low unemployment is driving companies to be more purposeful.

•             Creative workspaces are now a given in the competition for attracting talent.

•             An inspiring workplace increases productivity, profitability and creativity.

•             Technology needs to look like it belongs in the space.

•             Productivity in meetings has gone down, technology is an answer.

•             Organizations can leverage technology to support their brand.

•             Millennials will make up half the workforce by 2020, the first generation to grow up with technology.

•             Younger generations expect a work environment that is different, non-traditional.


“The first impression has to be, ‘I can work here.’ That’s the foundation of an effective and attractive workplace, a place where people want to go vs. having to go,” said Lozowski. “Everything we do today is designed around technology. And everything we do must support technology.”

The Tangram Interiors DTLA facility is located in the historic Collection Building in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. It features an array of custom workstations and furniture, artisanal lighting fixtures, origami acoustic felt, graphic window displays, a seamlessly integrated conference table, and technology integrations from the latest innovations in large-scale displays to the Microsoft Surface Hub for collaboration.

In addition to its core furniture offering, Tangram Interiors operates five business units for a complete approach to workplace design and installation: flooring, architecture walls, custom furniture, move management and technology. The Tangram Studio division is focused on custom and co-designed workplaces, while Tangram Technology creates unified ecosystems incorporating audiovisual, acoustics, lighting and sound masking. This range of services allows for a top-to-bottom approach that places each aspect of office planning, design and installation under careful consideration to maximize utility and comfort for the people who make organizations run.


For information on Tangram Interiors and its full capabilities, go to www.tangraminteriors.com.

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