Demonstrating Authentic Caring: How Two Brands Missed the Boat and Nestle Got It Right

To be successful, brands need to listen to the voice of their customers and then act on those learnings! Our VoC research has shown that consumers want authenticity and genuine connections with brands. They don’t want to be sold. They want sincere relationships. But the burden is on marketers to step up and deliver.

“It’s more important than ever for marketers to deeply understand their target audience. The job of any marketer is to put themselves in the shoes of their target audience, and to create content and campaigns that speak directly to them. What do my customers want? What’s important to them? These are all questions that marketers must be able to answer if they want to drive the right business outcomes.”

How NOT to Understand Your Audience

This past Women’s Day, a lot of “stunts” were in play trying to jump on women’s movements prevalent in the news. But many turned out to be just “stunts” with no substance behind them to drive actual consumer involvement or connections.

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