Lures 2019 Internet Marketing Conference to The Bahamas – often called the Google of The Bahamas – grabbed the spotlight at IMPACT 18 Holland, an event hosted by the Internet Marketing Association (IMA), one of the fastest growing professional organizations in the world providing knowledge-sharing platforms for proven online marketing strategies.

Jason McDowall, CEO and President of, utilized the opportunity his speaking engagement provided to lure the IMA Conference to The Bahamas for 2019.

McDowall was invited to speak on his company’s expansion plans and entrepreneurial journey which saw the business develop from a two-man operation with no advertisers into the country’s largest and most used website, featuring over 15,000 companies and supported by 160 advertisers. has over half a million unique visitors a month and four hundred million total advertiser message impressions.

“I was able to use the evolution of into a multi-million dollar business as an example of how The Bahamas could become the tech hub of the Caribbean,” said McDowall who presented to an international mix of leaders in online marketing.

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