3 Tips to Ensure Your Customer Service Matches Your Customer Experience

By Ernan Roman, Featured on CustomerThink.com

Marketers are constantly introducing newer and more sophisticated Customer Experiences (CX). But, how do you ensure that all of your customer touchpoints will align with the promise of these new CX improvements?

Based on our VoC research, we have learned that the brands most successful in making their CS (Customer Service) and back-end processes align beautifully with their front end CX, are those which involve and integrate every department and every employee!

Here are 3 tips to help ensure that your CS matches the promise of your CX:

#1 Involve All Your Consumer Touchpoints:

When you launch a new CX innovation be sure that every member of every touchpoint is informed, trained, and capable of not only delivering on the experience, but able to answer any question that might come up from consumers. One of the most problematic things that can happen is to go through the cost and trouble of kicking off a new initiative, only to have it fail based on a poorly informed rep experience at the call center, chat or retail.

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