Leadership Advice from Top Women in Revenue

By Angelina Elhassan, Radius

It’s no secret that the tech industry is still primarily male-dominated. In fact, take a look at your company’s C-suite and it will speak for itself. While the statistics about women in high-level leadership positions are staggering, there are plenty of women who have made it to the top. And the truth is, nobody makes it to the top without the help of others.

I recently chatted with six female executives on what women bring to revenue-driven professions, their own career paths and their advice to women aspiring to be in their shoes one day. If you’re aiming for the corner office, read on for their secrets to success.

“Keep an open mind and be a career opportunist. Sometimes the best opportunities are the ones we never imagined for ourselves. Especially early in your career, it pays to network and seize every opportunity available to you.”

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