Announcing New Chief Marketing Officer of Facebook

By Chris Cox

I am thrilled to announce we have hired Antonio J. Lucio to be our new Chief Marketing Officer. Sheryl, Gary, and I have worked hard on finding the best person for this role, and we’re excited to say that we’ve found him.

Antonio will join us from HP, where he led their marketing team for three years. Before that he was the CMO at Visa and at PepsiCo. He has an extraordinary reputation in the industry as a leader, a marketer, an operator, and a wise, gracious, and deeply principled human being. He has been outspoken on the need to build authentic global brands with integrity and from places of principle, and also on the importance of building diverse teams at every level in the organization. From all our interactions with him, he is a force of nature, and we are lucky to have him.

Facebook’s story is at an inflection point. We have never faced bigger challenges, and we have never had more opportunities to have a positive impact on the world — in our families, our friendships, our communities, and our democracy — by improving our products at their core, and then by telling the story outside that we all know to be true inside.

Along with Mark, Sheryl, and our leadership, I want to take the chance to thank Gary for all the work he’s done in building our brand and our marketing team over the past five years. Gary Briggs, you have brought in an amazing team, and beyond that taken us well into the first several chapters of the journey with gusto, and with an honesty and humility that is uniquely your own. We thank you, and we will miss you.

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