PPC Automation In ACTION! Optmyzr Demos that Can Change Your World

Pay-per-click is a hot place for pretty amazing automation. Some PPC pros may worry that they are being automated right out of a job. But in reality, the opposite is true – at least for those with advanced skills in the craft.

We just published an in-depth piece in Search Engine Land that explores four key areas of PPC automation opportunity. Check it out. We dig into advanced automations that go beyond what you can do via Google or Bing directly. While you are there, I encourage you to check it out other recent Search Engine Land columns by Optmyzr.

We’ve also been really busy in the Optmyzr studio crafting video demos and webinars that really dig into the specifics of automation. You can check those out on our YouTube channel. But here are three recent ones that are really timely.

Get the full story here.

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