Voicera Launches New Features To Become The Only Voice Collaboration Solution Across All Conversations

Beyond Basic Transcription: Voicera Unveils AI Phone Dialer, Voice-Activated Reminders, And Integrations To Activate Conversations In Any Environment

Voicera, maker of the Enterprise Voice Assistant EVA, unveiled a number of innovations that further separates its voice collaboration platform from transcription apps and note-taking assistants. The new features, which include an AI phone dialer, voice-activated reminders, and visual integrations, help increase productivity from workplace conversations. These new features ensure that no matter where these conversations take place, they can be turned into actions quickly and effectively, having a massive impact on business productivity.

Since the company launched in the fall 2017, Voicera has steadily added features that build on the core functions to transcribe and highlight important moments in meetings. The new features, based on user engagement and feedback, help deepen the value to work users.

With Live Dial, Voicera becomes the first and only multi-environment solution for taking notes, offering highlights and reminder functionality across any phone call, conference call or in-person conversation. Live Dial integrates Voicera into direct person-to-person phone calls and automatically takes notes while you speak. The new Reminders functionality allows users to prompt EVA to schedule follow-ups in their calendar during the conversation. For video conferences, Voicera adds Visual Presence, where EVA appears as a participant within the conversation increasing the recognition of an AI taking notes and providing value to anyone present.

“It’s simple, our goal is to turn conversations into action, no matter where they take place. Serving workplace conversations in all forms helps us achieve what our growing enterprise user base has been asking for,” explains Voicera CEO, Omar Tawakol. “Our users are beginning to use Voicera as their holistic platform for activating conversational data in the enterprise.”

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