The Path to Purchase is Long-Winded

Every shopper has experienced some version of this situation: you see a product you like in a TV show or movie, start looking for it on your phone, continue Googling for it on your computer, and finally complete the purchase at the local mall.

Experiences like this are far too fragmented. Every time you switch shopping channels, you waste time and energy restarting things. Meanwhile, retailers spend money advertising on all these channels without knowing which are most effective and content creators aren’t compensated for the sales they initiate.

IMA member Susan Akbarpour and her company Mavatar Technologies have developed mCart, a white-label platform that makes the whole world shop-able. mCart is a unified solution that helps consumers make better shopping decisions while fixing multiple problems in retail and media. It lets content creators place mCarts, store-agnostic smart shopping carts, behind their content to make it shop-able. mCarts can be reached by scanning a QR code or clicking a link within content like social media posts, magazines, movies.

mCart’s ecosystem leads consumers from discovery to purchase using coupons, comparisons, customer support, and multiple delivery and pickup options. Content creators are also fairly compensated for the sales they drive using blockchain technology. To make this happen, mCart has partnered with institutions of tech and commerce, like Google and Walmart.

Using mCart, consumers avoid the frustrations of shopping across multiple channels, retailers get better consumer data, and content creators are justly compensated.

mCart is unifying commerce and making the whole world shop-able.

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