Think|Stack Spotlight: Andrea DiGiacomo

Andrea came into our organization and completely turned it around. As the COO, Andrea has had such a huge impact upon the culture, drive, professionalism, and efficiency of our company. Her ability to see and set the bar high, create and grow buy-in from those around her, and maintain a high level of empathy is second to none. She consistently works with our team members deploying initiatives to help all of our employees improve themselves both in their career and personal life. Last year Andrea spent some time at Harvard further honing her craft. She was the star pupil in her class and we’ve all been reaping the benefits ever since. We often say we need to get Andrea on a TED talk so that her vision of leadership could be spread to more people throughout the world. Andrea has this fascinating and persistent way about her that really gets to the root of any process or problem while rallying those around her to align in the cause.

This past summer Andrea worked to redefine project management within our company and build a brand new project management program, which we call “Pod Management”. This system allows our organization to break down what each employee is doing over the course of two-week sprints. Each employee knows exactly what is expected of them over those two weeks and how much time they are expected to work on each pod. Our efficiency, cross training, and accountability have improved leaps and bounds.

Additionally, we were working with a client to help them break down their processes through what we call a Journey Map Workshop. They had asked us to come in and help them with scaling their business as it relates to a process and the technical side of the business. We’re in this room filled with people who are on the edge of their seat as Andrea steps them through the concepts of goal alignment, setting priorities, and stepping them through a journey map. There is this moment where the whole group of 11 or 12 people is talking through something that they do every single day and Andrea asks just the right questions to pull further detail out of them. To get them to both pronounce their own issues but also help to diagnose them. By the end of the session everyone was coming up to shake her hand because she helped them to see through the fog and much like the old adage, she taught them to fish. This is but one example of the way in which Andrea has really sored to new heights in helping not only our own business but all of our clients to better themselves day after day.

Andrea takes each member of our team to the next level. When she isn’t improving Think|Stack she is participating on the board of directors for the Abilities Network.

You can find her on LinkedIn here.

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