Re-imagining “as a Service!”

If you can imagine being a SaaS provider (similar to and the like) with fast growing recurring revenues, this article is for you! Corent Tech’s SaaS-enablement platform Democratizes SaaS by enabling anyone to offer any Open Source application, on any Cloud as a subscription Service!

With the advent of Cloud, and the success of SaaS companies like, in the last decade, the concept of applications ‘as a service’ became a reality. However, similar to it often took years, and tens millions of dollars to transform applications into fully instrumented, efficiently manageable, and scalable SaaS. All needed was a launchpad to onboard the thousands of existing applications to the Cloud and rapidly deliver them ‘as a service.’ With that need in mind, Corent launched SurPaaS® -itself a SaaS service – as a platform to automatically deliver applications as a scalable and efficient service (i.e. SaaS,) to save millions of dollars and years of development.

Enabling SaaS 2.0

Until Corent’s introduction of SurPaaS®, the common belief was that in order to have a SaaS offering, software vendors had to re-architect their software to incorporate the unique demands of an “as a Service” offering. Corent’s SurPaaS® a.k.a. “Software Defined SaaS®” platform was designed to bridge this gap, by enabling enterprise software applications to get “configured” as fully instrumented SaaS rapidly and cost effectively on most popular Clouds. This way, software developers, 1) put 100% of their time and effort on developing their core product with the best competing features/capabilities, as opposed to focusing on the “as a Service” delivery capabilities of their software, 2) gain immediate time to market advantage, 3) avoid capital costs and on-going maintenance costs associated with developing their own “as a Service” capabilities, and 4) last but not least, they avoid the typical risks associated with developing something that is outside of their own core competency, as opposed to using a proven platform.

Enabling you to “own & operate” any Open Source application as SaaS

Imagine any of the 1000+ proven Open Source enterprise applications readily available to you as ready-to-go-to-market SaaS? These are applications that are developed and are constantly being contributed to and are maintained by hundreds of top developers in the world including from Microsoft, Google, IBM, … and the like.

Corent offers rapid and robust SaaSification of Software applications and decouples the tasks of application development, from the task of service delivery by allowing MSPs (Managed Service Providers) to operate, manage and deliver open source applications as SaaS offerings powered by Corent’s SurPaaS platform. MSPs can deliver it for themselves, or for any entity that outsources the operations of a SaaS solution to them.

To learn more, visit Corent OpenBox or drop a note to Corent is an Advanced Technology Partner of AWS, and a Gold Partner of Microsoft. Corent was named among the 10 Most Disruptive Private Companies of 2018.