TV Liquidator’s Low Cost Solution to All-In-One Monument Signs

TV Liquidator is an American sign company that prides itself on helping businesses and organizations nationwide with complete signage. All-In-One Monument Signs can be very expensive and complicated to order and install. However, TV Liquidator has introduced a high quality, completely affordable, All-In-One Monument Sign with better lead times than any other sign company around. Their All-In-One Monument signs come complete with Lexan sign faces with Lexan vandal cover, LED backlighting, LED Sign, durable aluminum sign cabinet and U-Connect Plate Universal Mounting System.

They are known for introducing new solutions for signage, best customer service in the industry and high quality American made signage. Their Monument Signs have helped Fire Departments, Schools, Cities, Police Departments, Hospitals and many more. Their experts work with you to create the most stunning logo design for the backlit logo display that is built-in above the included digital LED Sign. Every part of the sign is completely customizable with over 200 colors to choose from for the cabinet and pedestal.

TV Liquidator offers free shipping on all signs, free lifetime technical support, free programming assistance and a full 3 year warranty. They take pride in their American made signs and all signs are UL Compliant, MET Certified and CSA approved. Their climate control cabinets are completely weatherproofed and are designed to withstand 120 mph wind loads. Each monument has an aluminum frame with a solid steel support structure and is finished with durable powder coating paint. They use high performance LED modules and the highest grade Meanwell power supply in their signs. The LED Sign portion of the sign is programmed with a wireless remote control that works up to 200 feet away. Changing the message on the LED Sign has never been easier with a few clicks on the remote control.

TV Liquidator also include their Universal Mounting System which comes with an installation template, diagrams, and instruction manuals for an easy set up. This mounting system is so simple and will save businesses thousands on installation.

These All-In-One Monument Signs promote your brand with elegance and gets your business the recognition it deserves. Their effective and affordable signage will be turning heads no matter what time of day. No other sign company can match their experience and expertise. Turn up the brightness on your business and get the exposure you deserve with a TV Liquidator All-In-One Monument sign by clicking here.

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