One Sales Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

Tod Novak, founder and CEO of The Novak Group would like to wish you a new year filled with increased sales and success! No matter what business you are in it is always important to stay on top of sales trends, one trend that is still at the top of the list is relationship building. Relationships are essential to the success to your business.

3 Keys to Building Great Relationships:

  • 1. Communication: Clear communication can prevent a lot of headaches and unwanted emotions. In our digital age communication has become more misinterpreted and confusing. Whenever possible, always opt to communicate over the phone, video conference, or better yet in person. Body language and voice tone are key parts of nonverbal communication that can go a long way during a conversation and is tough to determine over text, email and even the phone. Identifying the personality/communication style of the person you are communicating with can help you connect quicker and build a deeper relationship.
  • 2. Trust/Respect: People buy from people that they trust and respect. Trust is fragile and if you lose it, it’s very difficult to restore it. Trust is showing people that you care about them and one way to show this is by respecting their time by returning phone calls and emails promptly, and be on time for meetings, video conferences or phone calls. Give clients what they asked for, but on top of that, deliver more. Delivering more than expected goes a long way and adds real value and trust. Set the bar high and then go higher!
  • 3. It’s Not About You: Make it about the person you are in front of. Ask questions. What are their goals? What are they passion about? Favorite food/drink? What is their favorite sports team(s)? What keeps them up at night? Ask questions and LISTEN. Sincerely get to know them and watch your relationship flourish.

Building lasting relationships is not new to The Novak Group, they have been helping businesses communicate more effectively and build relationships since 1999, through Tod Novak’s signature program called Making The Human Connection.

In 2019 The Novak Group continues to focus on helping businesses build relationships, increase sales and strengthen sales processes through a variety of services including Sales Management 2.0, Sales Training, Onsite Sales Assessment and Sales Recruiting. The Novak Group is excited to now offer Sales Manager Coaching.

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