SOCi Launches Enhanced Solution for Social Content Boosting at Scale

New Boost Plus offering provides Multi-Location Brands a solution to regain lost organic reach and engagement from localized social content

SOCi, the leader in social media and reputation management for multi-location brands, announced the launch of Boost Plus, the only social boosting solution that can boost multiple social posts across multiple pages at the same time at both the location and group level.

Today, over 70% of brand engagement on social is happening at the local page level, according to a recent joint report from SOCi and the Local Search Association (LSA). This requires marketers to spend a great deal of time and effort on creating local content for these pages. However, following Facebook’s algorithm change in early 2018, the reach of these organic social posts have sharply declined – in some cases by as much as 20 times, according to SOCi platform data. To remedy this Boost Plus by SOCi was built with enhanced features and functionalities to save marketers time and effort when boosting hundreds of posts across hundreds or thousands of individual pages while enhancing marketers ability to make strategic decisions as an organization and by individual locations.

“While content boosting isn’t new, existing solutions did not provide an efficient or effective way to boost posts at mass scale so we developed Boost Plus as the first turnkey solution built to address the unique social and digital needs of multi-location brands,” said Afif Khoury, CEO of SOCi. “No more boosting posts one at a time. With Boost Plus marketers can boost hundreds of social posts for hundreds of pages, all at the same time within seconds and then track and analyze the performance of each boost on a single centralized dashboard.”

Further Boost Plus takes the guesswork out of which ads to post by recommending the top posts to boost for each location and group, based on past performance data. The solution also enables users to localize boosts across multiple pages and utilizes dynamic text so that boosts sent to different pages can have different messages. Simplified budget allocation allows the setup and distribution of budgets evenly or variable across all posts at the individual location or group level.

“Our goal is always to help our clients be more successful at localized social marketing. Boost Plus caters to multi-location marketers unique needs by providing easy to use tools that can be enabled at the local level empowering them to drive more targeted reach and high-value engagement through the local content they all work so hard to create. With this solution, these marketers are better able to engage with local audiences quickly, easily, and at scale, ultimately driving results,” said Alo Sarv, CTO of SOCi.

Currently available on desktop (with general availability within the mobile app expected in Q2), Boost Plus also provides tools to analyze and compare campaigns across one or multiple accounts, simplifying reporting. More information about Boost Plus, and SOCi, can be found here.

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