Profile: PYCO, Inc.

At the intersection of marketing and science lies a powerful, insightful, and cutting-edge solution. The data scientists at PYCO, Inc. and sister company pLookup, have created a proprietary intelligence algorithm capable of tailoring all client and prospect communications to suit the personality type of each individual resulting in observed incremental lift in response and engagement of up to 10x.

Former attempts at employing the power of personality data have been restricted by the necessity of extensive tests, surveys, and questionnaires. PYCO, Inc.’s disruptive solution utilizes only ethically-sourced data to assign a precise personality type to adults 18 years and older.

Why does personality type carry such weight in the decision-making process of consumers? It’s simple. Unlike attitudes, habits, and behaviors, one’s personality type is stable, often a life-long distinction. By connecting to individuals as individuals and appealing to their varying deep seeded energies and basic world views, brands are able to attain agreeance on a subconscious level, thereby earning trust and achieving previously unattainable rates of conversion.

Higher ROI requires deeper understanding. Learn more about your customers and prospects by learning more about personality data and all PYCO, Inc. has to offer. Contact us today –

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