The Impact of the LATM Program on School Attendance, Academic Acheivement, and On-Time Grade Promotion

The Los Angeles Team Mentoring (LATM) program aims to guide middle school students growing up in challenging urban environments to recognize and reach their full potential as members of our community. Through a schoolbased team approach to mentoring, young adolescents are given the tools and support necessary to make positive choices during a critical period in their lives.

The LATM’s latest study details the shared success conducted within LAUSD’s system.  It’s a longitudinal study that follows LATM youth to see if the positive impact is sustained through high school, years after they leave the program.

No tutoring or academic support is provided,  as all results are based against the control group, with similar youth within LAUSD who do not attend the program.

Visit the links below for a closer look at the study results.

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