SOCi Updates


1. SOCi Go: We’re excited to share we just released a new version of our SOCi Go mobile app. Here is an article from our Portal that goes over how to update/download the newest version depending on your OS. I know your team had a ticket around getting a backlog of the push notifications, and we’re not seeing that with the new app. I also wanted to let you know that V2 of the app will include the ability to toggle different notifications on and off in the app. I’ll let you know when that is released.

2. SOCi Multi-Connect: This is a new view that allows you to see what users have the correct FB/IG admin permissions and have a linked ‘token’ in SOCi. This will provide a backup if one of your users loses access to any pages for whatever reason. Connection strength can be increased by having multiple users in your account authenticate with Facebook and relink to SOCi. Click “Increase Strength” to authenticate with Facebook and improve the connection strength.

3. Listings Management: This is the newest product our team is adding into SOCi. It is tentatively scheduled for October and would be an add on to your contract. This product will allow you to manage your customer’s online listing information from one dashboard in SOCi.