Indi CEO Neel Grover Recognized as an Innovator of the Year by the Orange County Business Journal

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Neel Grover, CEO and founder of Indi, has been honored as an Innovator of the Year by the Orange County Business Journal. Grover was one of five entrepreneurs recognized at the fifth annual awards presentation held at the Hotel Irvine in Irvine, California, on Sept. 25, 2019.

The Innovator of the Year Awards honor, recognize and celebrate individuals and their organizations who are creating game-changing products and services, and demonstrate brilliance and leadership in innovation. This year’s awardees represented firms involved in healthcare services and AI, industrial micro-devices, enterprise collaboration software, and ecommerce engagement for brands and individuals.

Indi Engage is a video user-generated content SaaS platform for brands and retailers that is transforming engagement and commerce through the proven power of sharing user-generated content. It is designed to leverage the impact of word-of-mouth advertising as the richest path to authenticity, new customers and ROI.

“Indi Engage is the first and only platform that fully integrates high-impact, user-generated content for the benefit of both brands and individuals,” said Grover. “Brands are seeing dramatic increases in conversion rates, while individuals can share their experiences and create a new source of income.”

Indi Engage enables customers and employees who are the best and most authentic influencers to drive awareness and become a virtual sales force by sharing their experience with the brand in the form of video and photo product reviews directly uploaded on the brand’s site or in its app. It also includes deeper brand ambassador programs whereby customers and employees earn commissions and rewards for driving performance-based sales as well as a robust content management tool for curation and data analysis.

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