AAA Walks to End Distracted Driving

End Distracted Driving

AAA clubs hosted Walks to End Distracted Driving in eight states this year as part of the “Don’t Drive Intoxicated. Don’t Drive Intexticated.” initiative. The goal of the campaign, which began in April 2018, is to make smartphone use behind the wheel as socially unacceptable as impaired driving.

In addition to TV and radio PSAs, branch signage and social media messaging, the walks took the safety message to the streets. They also increased employee engagement with the initiative, gave distracted driving survivors and family members an opportunity to educate the public with their stories, generated media coverage of the issue, and strengthened partnerships with community groups, government agencies and law enforcement that attended the walks. Walks in some states took place to coincide with pushes for new laws to prevent distracted driving.

More than 3,700 employees, community partners, and members participated in the walks, which took place in Montgomery, AL in April; Montpelier, VT in June; Pittsburgh, PA, Norfolk, VA, Houston, TX, and Portland, ME in September; and St. Louis, MO and Long Beach, CA on Oct. 5.

“Our goal is to save lives and prevent injuries by putting an end to texting, emailing, and other distracting smartphone use while driving,” said ACE President and CEO John Boyle. “We are committed to accomplishing this by reminding drivers that using a smartphone when behind the wheel can result in the same tragedies as impaired driving.”

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