Most Influential: Meet Orange County’s 100 top influencers for 2019

Article from the OC Register

Influencers make their marks in Orange County in myriad ways.

Some we all know because of the public nature of their roles, whether it’s running a major university or, well, being Mike Trout.

Others accomplish so much outside of the spotlight, but they deserve recognition, too.

And it’s our challenge to compile the list of Orange County’s 100 Most Influential People for 2019, a task that’s especially difficult because there are so many people we have to leave off to reach that nice, round number.

We understand the influential roles many people who are not on this year’s list play in the county, and most of them have been on the list multiple times. What we’re trying to capture is a representation of 2019 and the people who did things this year that stood out.

Becks Heyhoe

The native of Northern Ireland makes a difference in her adopted home as the director of the United to End Homelessness effort. She and other leaders in the group took on the challenge of funding 30 federal vouchers in 30 days this summer to prove to HUD officials that it was capable of handling more to help people get off the street.

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