Calling All Educators and Youth Advocates – A Message from Leah Ersoylu

Leah Ersoylu

A Message from Leah Ersoylu

First, THANK YOU for your work to support our kids — at all levels. I am inspired by your commitment to a seemingly endless fight. I am a product of public schools and universities, and I want to support my daughter, as well as the other nearly 20,000 kids in Newport-Mesa Unified.

I am running for NMUSD Trustee, Area 1 in November 2020.

We need to have qualified leadership ready to support our kids from cradle to career. The well-intentioned old guard in Newport-Mesa has failed too many of our kids for too long. As a result, families have fled our district — especially my area, Zone 1 — to Huntington Beach and private schools. This has a negative effect on our sense of community here in Costa Mesa.

This election can be catalytic for our kids if we can win! NMUSD Board suffers from a simple lack a diversity in life experiences. Given that our district is 56% non-white and 45% socio-economically disadvantaged, we must have more diversity in leadership.

I’ve already done the work to secure the NMFT endorsement, demonstrating I am the teachers’ choice. I’m receiving new endorsements daily from community leaders and elected officials who understand the importance of this race.

As an evaluation and planning professional, I have had the opportunity to work on youth development, education and ECE projects and policies over the past 20 years — bringing best practices, research and innovative strategies to bear on the sector. As a member of Costa Mesa’s Parks and Recreation Commission, I was able to ensure after-school programming for kids was expanded to support families on non-school days. As a member of the Housing & Public Services Grants Committee, I was able to bring outcome measurement tools to support applicants in their program planning. When I served as the Policy Director at Latino Health Access, I worked to ensure that policies and systems supported the health and well-being of children and families not only in Santa Ana, but across the County.

I have a long track record of not only fighting for the right things, but also supporting like-minded candidates on their first runs (many of you on this list!). Now, I am compelled to run — and I can’t do it without your help!



PARTICIPATE Tag on Facebook @ersoylu4newportmesakids it helps to get lots of “likes” and comments on social media! Or, sign up to volunteer at

SHARE Forward this email to your friends who want to see Newport-Mesa excel! Let them know you endorse me (you can fill the check-box on the donation page to be listed as an endorsement).

I am focusing my time on community-building, by having in-home coffees with neighbors across my district and knocking doors of every voter. I value your time and I won’t be asking for you to attend high-priced fundraisers or events. My events are going to be neighborhood specific. As such, my fundraising is focused online, in emails and texts like this one.

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