Cerna Healthcare Launches New Health and Safety Wearable for Seniors

Cerna Healthcare

Irvine, California based Cerna Healthcare, a provider of senior care services has released “Onhand Assistance.” Onhand Assistance is a smartwatch for seniors, enabling them to age in place safely and affordably. Onhand Assistance was developed for seniors living alone and their concerned family members who worry about them. The stylish wearable device provides fall detection, fall notification, vitals monitoring, cellular communication, and medication reminders – in addition to life saving calls and care.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. Seniors home alone are prone to dangers like falling and medical emergencies, or they may need some type of assistance. Onhand Assistance helps lessen the need for expensive personal caregivers and avoids time consuming ambulance trips to the hospital due to false alarms. Family members monitor their loved one through the Onhand Assistance smartphone app. Seniors, their friends and their families benefit by being better connected inexpensively and effectively.

Cerna Healthcare’s Founder & CEO Nick Payzant (also a founding IEC member) explains, “There are many devices on the market for seniors that contact a call center with the push of a button. However, there are none combining cell phone features, auto fall detection, automatic calling, medication reminders, vitals monitoring and GPS location monitoring. Onhand Assistance sends family members alerts via the smartphone app. It also calls and dispatches a senior care professional (not a call center employee that may have no experience with senior care) who can administer a full range of care services at home or can help determine if emergency personnel is needed.”

Cerna Home Care knows firsthand that seniors want a discrete solution that doesn’t look like a medical alert device. Seniors also want the option to reach people they know that can come to their home if needed, as opposed to a call center where a stranger doesn’t have any familiarity with them and only option is calling 911.

Onhand Assistance Features:

• Fall detection and Automatic SOS Alert
• SOS Distress Button
• Two-way Calling
• GPS Tracking and History Displacement
• Heart Rate Monitor
• Medication reminders
• Safe Zone Set-up
• Push Button Family Calling

“The Onhand Assistance smartwatch solution fills the gaps in today’s wearable medical alert devices. In caring for the elderly, we listened to family members, care recipients, hospitals and rehab centers asking for a more robust way to be connected and safe,” said Payzant.

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