New video series from ViewSonic focuses on collaboration tech and more

ViewSonic Vision

A new seven-part video series from ViewSonic highlights best practices around collaboration and large interactive display products, as well as leadership tips from ViewSonic’s president of Americas, as well as Sean Conrad, chief executive officer of the Internet Marketing Association.

“Across enterprise, education and commercial markets, our customers are accelerating their digital transformation agendas, adopting new cloud-enabled technologies and solutions that support today’s collaborative workspaces,” said Volpe. “As demand for interactive display technology continues to expand, ViewSonic and its partners will be at the forefront as the solutions company dedicated to advancing the ways that people collaborate, create and communicate.”

The global interactive display market projected to grow from US$8.9 billion in 2018 to US$13.9 billion by 2024, with a big chunk of that growth happening in North America.

Topics covered in the video series include:

• Collaboration in Enterprise and Education – digitizing group learning; enhancing delivery to inspire students; efficiency, communication and focus in the workspace; common cause and organizational goals

• Digital Transformation and Solutions Orientation – leveraging core organizational DNA; synergizing product innovation and teams; digitizing the business to meet change; engaging teams in a bright future; creating a problem-solving, customer-centric ecosystem

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