COVID-19 Resources: Coronavirus Digital Signage Templates for the Workplace

Keep employees and staff safe with these free coronavirus digital signage templates

Now, more than ever, employers and administrators have to use all the communication tools at their disposal. Digital signage software gets the message out to multiple locations more quickly than traditional safety posters or notice boards. Unlike email, coronavirus digital signage templates are also effective in reaching non-desk workers in warehouses, laboratories, health clinics and supermarkets.

Updated health and wellness information is an important part of your crisis communications plan. It not only promotes prevention, but also reduces panic. That’s why we’re sharing free coronavirus digital signage templates. They’re designed for anyone who needs to share COVID-19 safety tips and reminders. If we work together we can flatten the curve.

Where to use our COVID-19 poster templates

Sharing information in the right place at the right time can promote disease prevention practices. Use your existing TV screens and monitors to share hand-washing tips and more at the following locations:

  • In employee break rooms and lounges
  • Near sinks and restrooms
  • In healthcare and dentistry waiting rooms
  • On the warehouse or stock room floor
  • By shared workspaces in fulfillment and logistics centers
  • In government offices and reception areas
  • In building lobbies

6 Free Coronavirus Informational Signs for the Workplace

Our digital posters are professionally designed for display networks. In addition, the content draws on CDC guidance for the steps to take to contain the spread of COVID-19. We’ve also made portrait and landscape versions for each design.

  1. Proper hand washing reminder
  2. Disposable glove use reminder
  3. Cover coughs and sneezes sign
  4. Disinfect workspaces signs
  5. Contain your symptoms sign

How to use our COVID-19 signs

Sharing this important health messaging on screens across your display network is easy. Download the graphics by clicking on the link below each image. Upload the sign to your digital signage network. Schedule it to show when you want.

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