Hope Around the Corner with Datanetiix

At Datanetiix Solutions, Inc., we are coping well as we honor the advice of present societal changes and work remotely. We have fun conference calls with kids and pets in the background. The attitude of everyone involved in these conference calls is of patience and understanding.

The current socio-economic environment has caused a spike in some business sectors. We are reaching out to customers that are overrun with orders seeking to help them cope with the chaos. On March 23, we launched a new web portal for a client that makes Industrial Institutional “Hand Sanitizer” and other cleaning products and online Ecommerce application and ERP solutions.

A few days back, we started working on a project that had a conference call with a company that makes tents and outdoor gear about enhancing their Business -to – consumer (B2C) presence since so much of their retailers were closed, and they are gearing towards summer.

Earlier this week, we guided a start-up addiction recovery business regarding options for their rapidly changing treatment environment, into telemedicine applications and mobile Apps.

The Datanetiix Team believes that good times are around the corner. God bless, stay safe and healthy!

We support clients 24/7. In case of emergency and for any questions, please contact bala@datanetiix.com or 408-802-9340.

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