Introducing: The Exhibition

A New Virtual Way for Artists, Galleries and Audiences to Connect

Chris Surowiec, Co-Founder and Chief Digital Officer at The Exhibition just launched weeks ago to tackle the US$3.5B global podcasting market. Chris and startup co-founders, Jeremey Quant and Ally Raye, are timely in creating a new digital way for artists and galleries to talk with their audience through interactive podcasts. On Saturday, March 28th, The Exhibition helped host a virtual opening of the group exhibition “Love in the Time of Corona – a Social Distancing Art Exhibition” with interviews of the artists. As social distancing and remote working is normalized, The Exhibition may quickly outgrow the niche art segment to emerge as a substantive podcast player in their own right.

Advertisers Take Note: Research shows that brand stories told just audibly elicited an average of 50% more positive emotional peaks than brand stories told just visually, and audio advertising elicits much stronger emotions from consumers. The emotional intensity of the audio experience was also found to be higher for listeners of audio brand stories that mentioned ‘love’ when compared to visual-only brand stories that mentioned love – so spread the love!

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