The Future of Design Leadership

McKinsey & Company is pushing the conversation about design’s business value by focusing on the role of design leadership. They conducted a global survey of CDOs and CEOs, investigating how executive design leaders should be positioned within organizations for greatest impact. Check out McKinsey’s complete findings, which they unpack in their new report, Are You Asking Enough from Your Design Leaders?

McKinsey has also produced a video series to dig deeper into the unique perspectives designers bring to the conversation. The series, Demystifying Design Leadership, features interviews with design leaders, shedding light on their individual backgrounds, the challenges they face, and how they use design to drive strategic priorities within their organizations.

In the first episode, Salesforce’s newly minted Chief Design Officer, Justin Maguire, discusses the industry-wide shift to recognize the strategic potential of design’s function, Salesforce’s Relationship Design philosophy, and what it means to design for valued relationships.

“The industry and my peers set across companies in the world are at a change moment or an inflection point where it’s no longer going to be acceptable to say that what we deliver is a culture of design. Having a seat at the table means also a high degree of accountability.”
– Salesforce CDO Justin Maguire, McKinsey’s “Demystifying Design Leadership”

Check out the full video here.

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