Evite Announces its Full Suite of Ad Offerings for 2020 and Beyond

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Evite may be best known as the premier online digital invitation platform, but it’s also rising in popularity amongst advertisers – and for good reason. The advertising and marketing landscape is changing rapidly – and privacy changes like CCPA and Google’s plan to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome are inspiring advertisers to explore alternatives to traditional platforms they’ve relied on for the past several years.

As a contextual-ad platform, Evite reaches hosts and guests as they’re in the active party planning mindset, influencing buying decisions at the critical point of purchase. By understanding the planning and buying cycle, advertisers can connect with consumers with event-specific details at the optimal times.

Evite expects its ad revenue to grow 40%+ this year based on the strength of its advertising offering, which continues to evolve to provide maximum impact for its advertisers. Context is incredibly powerful as it relates to advertising – but few companies are nailing it. Evite, on the other hand, has an advantage as it reaches 240+ million diverse users annually who are celebrating occasions big and small, and offers tools to help make every event effortless and more memorable.

In order to provide maximum impact for advertisers, Evite is updating several offerings for 2020, including:

  • Unique Data: Consumers can be identified as they move through the purchase funnel and brands can influence buying decisions at the time and point-of-purchase, through cross-platform display, first-party event data, third-party audience data, and CRM matching
  • High Impact Units: Advertisers are able to break through the clutter and climb to the top of the consideration set with executions like 100% SOV homepage takeover, 100% SOV category takeover, high impact RSVP page and a high impact sign-in page
  • Premium Video: Brands can surround themselves where Evite users are engaged with inspiration and ideas to communicate the benefits of their products, including a homepage pre-roll, host dashboard pre-roll, video RSVP page, and shoppable video module
  • Native Ads: Advertisers can also create buzz amongst Evite’s socially active hosts and guests by seamlessly integrating their brands into the planning and journey, through sponsored comment, party tips, the retail and recipe module, and store locator. The retail and recipe modules are advertiser-sponsored carousels of 4-6 products that live adjacent to the invitation social feed and are viewed by host and guests
  • Programmatic: Get the best of Evite programmatically – We provide flexibility to transact with efficiency and scale in a brand-safe environment

When someone visits Evite.com, it’s most likely because he or she is either hosting a party or RSVPing as a guest, ultimately moving this person from a passive mindset into the active party planning mindset. This is a key advantage for Evite’s advertising model. Stand-alone assets with the right value proposition can still be highly performant and valuable, and the roll out of Evite’s new advertising features this year will continue to positively impact advertisers and allow them to reach the right audience at the right time.

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