Financial Literacy Month: Learn all about the CARES Act

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During April of every year, DailyPay supports Financial Literacy Month by sharing relevant financial literacy content. This year, we’re hosting “Financial Literacy Month: Financial wellness tips for uncertain times,” a 6-part personal finance video series to discuss key aspects of the coronavirus stimulus bill, also known as the CARES Act. We know that by empowering people with this information, it will help them navigate this crisis like an expert.

Each week in April, DailyPay will explore a new aspect of the CARES Act with Certified Financial Planner™ and founder of Brooklyn Plans, Kristen Euretig, as she explains what the various federal aid programs mean for those impacted.

Below are the topics that each video will explore and when you can expect to see them throughout Financial Literacy Month:

1) Assistance checks

Perhaps you’ve heard the government will be disbursing direct payments to individuals and married couples. In this video, Kristen discusses exact dollar amounts, timing and qualification thresholds so you know what help may be coming your way.

2) Housing, utilities and card payment relief

The coronavirus stimulus bill provides substantial aid centered around housing protections against foreclosures on mortgages and evictions for renters. Kristen will discuss policies that address failure to pay rent or mortgages, deferred credit card payments and protections for utility shutoffs.

3) Student loans

As part of the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill, The Department of Education will suspend student loan payments, without penalty, through September 30, 2020. Kristen breaks down what that means for student loan borrowers.

4) Credit score

Kristen talks us through best practices for keeping your credit score high — even during a financial crisis.

5) Savings: Coming April 28, 2020

Kristen walks us through her tips for saving and shares her advice for achieving financial stability during a financial crisis.

6) Unemployment: Coming April 30, 2020

The record 10 million unemployed or furloughed Americans can thankfully seek relief through unprecedented expansions of unemployment benefits as part of the CARES Act. From increased weekly stipends to extended benefit durations, Kristen helps us understand what we can expect.

DailyPay feels that every American should have access to tools and resources to help them on their path to financial wellness and stability. During these challenging times, we know it’s more important than ever. We hope you’ll tune in to this video series and find it helpful in understanding and leveraging the assistance available to you through the CARES Act.

DailyPay is not a financial or investment advisor. The materials presented herein and in the video series are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial advice. Decisions based on information provided here and in the video series are the sole responsibility of the reader/viewer.

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