Thank You, First Responders!

When a firefighter told me how the MY24/7TM face, lip and body butter was helping his dry hands from the constant hand-washing and gloves, I wanted to do more.

And that’s when it hit me: first responders. These men and women risk their health every day when they go to work. Many have kids at home they’re advised not to cuddle with. And many chose to separate from their families to help protect them.

Red Pantz has donated 120+ butters to first responders, such as firefighters and nurses caring for Covid-19 patients. And I’m giving away more for as long as I can. If you feel inspired to do the same, please consider joining me. Here’s how you can help: click here.

About MY24/7TM:

MY24/7TM by Red Pantz is an ayurveda-inspired self-care collection for your skin, body and mind. Our skin care and teas are made with organic, natural and premium ingredients. All pure goodness.

What I’ve heard from butter users so far is that it’s gentle on their skin because it’s made from 100% pure, organic, premium and natural ingredients with NO FILLERS. Things you find in your kitchen and could eat too.


Butter info:


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