10K Mask Giveaway

Face Mask

The CDC has recently distributed information on implementing new coronavirus related restrictions while recognizing the need to reopen schools.

We, at NewRain, recognize that in-person classrooms have benefits far beyond just hands-on learning. Access to in-person classrooms provide a safe environment for school-aged children while facilitating their health and wellness. To support the efforts of our hardworking teachers, school administrators, and their students, we are GIVING AWAY 10K HIGH-QUALITY DISPOSABLE MASKS!

Our disposable daily wear face masks filter over 90% of particulates in the air, and also help protect against smog, dust, and virus, while being comfortable enough to wear all day.

Please nominate a school for our giveaway by:

1. Following NewRain Instagram Account

2. Comment your school name and city

3. Share this post to your story or feed

Giveaway ends July 31 and the winning school will be announced later that afternoon. This giveaway is open to any U.S. K-12 school.

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