B STATE Has Gone Virtual!


By Mark Samuel

There is even greater need now for building your leadership team based on your COVID-19 experience. Which of the following needs apply to your organization?

  • Align on new strategies
  • More effectively coordinate execution
  • Communicate more effectively with “one voice” fully aligned
  • Develop Recover Plans to quickly pivot your business as changes continue
  • Develop your leadership teams given the new business environment

Now you don’t have to be in the same room to get stellar results!

What We’ve Learned in the Past 2 Months (to our surprise):

  • You can develop intimate team relationships in a virtual Team Building format
  • You can build team awareness, teamwork, and collaboration in a virtual format
  • You don’t need social interaction, games, and dinners together to build a sense of trust, family, camaraderie, and unity

In fact, there are benefits and advantages to building a team virtually:

  • Now the time is spent on your team’s actual role, priorities, and execution getting cross-functional alignment and agreements on execution, not just strategy
  • The degree of open dialogue and sharing increases in a virtual format, without being dominated by strong personalities when in the same room
  • A virtual meeting format is more effective, less time consuming and can be adjusted to meet each person’s needs regardless of location
  • You naturally lower travel costs considerably by not having to pay for airlines, hotel rooms, and meals
  • Every team member is part of creating the documentation of agreements and commitments used, which enhances shared ownership and sustainable results

We are now offering Leadership Team Sessions virtually. In our first sessions, participants loved how it accelerated their implementation, developed the team, and established a bonding and trust between all of the participants beyond expectations.

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